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Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Box

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'Meticulously double-baked at different temperatures with New Zealand butter and puff pastry for the best texture and flavor. The result is four different varieties of our Hearty Butter Pastries. Fall in love at first bite with each one.

Original Hearty Butter Pastry (7 pcs)
• Using only New Zealand butter and a specialized double-baked technique to create the perfect caramelized exterior, this treat is crusty outside and fluffy inside.
Coconut Hearty Butter Pastry (5 pcs)
• The aroma of coconut complements the buttery pastry to create the perfect treat.
Maple Syrup Flavor Hearty Butter Pastry (5 pcs)
• A touch of quality maple syrup adds a layer of complexity to this sweet treat
Hazelnut Flavor Hearty Butter Pastry (7 pcs)
• This fluffy pastry with a sprinkle of hazelnuts on top will capture you with its fragrance alone.

Individually packed, 24 pcs/box, weighs approximately 206g/box

Made with New Zealand butter; no margarine, no shortening.

Made in Hong Kong
Awarded 2022 Gold Medal of Monde Selection International Quality Award

- Hearty Butter Pastries, Original 7 pcs
- Hearty Butter Pastries, Maple Syrub Flavour 5 pcs
- Hearty Butter Pastries, Hazelnut 7 pcs
- Hearty Butter Pastries, Coconut t 5 pcs

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Hearty Butter Pastries Gift Box

Price : 1,188.00 THB

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